Work Power Energy IIT JEE Physics Theory, Mechanics AIEEE preparation, online classes helps the students prepare for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, NEET, MHTCET, WBJEE, CEE, MP PET and other engineering entrance tests, and their class XI and XII exams by providing online coaching and IIT study material. These video classes help in exam preparation for AIPMT as well. This video lecture is from the unit Mechanics. It discusses theory of power, its units, different formulae of power, friction, instantaneous power, thrust etc.. Examples are given for convenience. Such online coaching classes can help the students solve similar questions in IIT JEE question papers, practice papers, IIT JEE test series, AIEEE test series, sample test papers, IIT JEE sample papers, AIEEE sample papers and model test papers. More such online classes, video lectures, video solutions and foundation courses are available for class X, XI, XII and entrance exam preparation at and Use H C Verma"

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