Photoelectric Effect IIT JEE Modern Physics solutions, AIEEE Physics preparation helps in preparation for engineering entrance tests and medical entrance exams. One can crack IIT JEE, AIEEE etc. by using video solutions, sample papers available here. This IIT JEE video lecture discusses one of the most important topics for IIT JEE Physics preparation. A Photoelectric effect question that appeared in IIT JEE papers of 1992 is discussed. It discusses cutoff voltage or stopping potential, intensity of light, photoelectric current etc. Use good preparation books like HC Verma and NCERT for preparation, and then solve IIT JEE test modules for problem solving skills. Practice using IIT sample test papers, IIT JEE question banks, JEE mock tests and previous years papers without referring to video JEE solutions. Finish the whole IIT JEE syllabus, rather than selectively studying only important topics for IIT JEE. and provides more IIT video classes."

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