Photoelectric effect IIT JEE Modern Physics preparation, AIEEE preparation

This IIT JEE Physics preparation lecture has been provided by More IIT JEE solutions, theory IIT video classes and other online IIT JEE study material are available there too. This Modern Physics IIT JEE video class discusses solutions of IIT JEE question papers. Photoelectric effect, stopping potential, work function etc. are discussed. Students must make sure to study using the best IIT preparation books like H C Verma, NCERT books etc. for the preparation of Physics. Make sure not to rely completely on coaching institutes to help you through with the preparation, instead make self-studies your competitive advantage. Use good IIT books, IIT JEE study material, IIT JEE test series, AIEEE test series, IIT JEE question papers of previous years to finish the entire IIT JEE syllabus. and provide more IIT entrance lectures, solutions of IIT JEE papers, AIEEE papers etc"

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