Nuclear Physics for IIT-JEE,AIEEE Preparation, IIT Online Classes, Free Video Lectures, Exponent Education is the best place to find video lectures for JEE preparations.This particular video class is on a multiple choice question from Nuclear Physics.Nuclear Physics is a vital chapter of JEE Physics. It is not a very easy chapter. Theory concepts should be strong to solve problems related to this topic.Nuclear Physics problems are also the once that appear more in IIT JEE Papers.This topic also has variety of problems to be solved.It is challenging for students to solve problems from this chapter.Problems from best study materials should be practiced.Students can refer to H.C.Verma to find problems that are different.Previous years IIT papers are a must to solve.You can find previous years IIT JEE papers and also more than a 1000 video lectures at Ability to apply the theory is achieved by practice.So, the students should invest maximum time on practicing and revising the lessons. For better reach, you can connect to through Face Book"

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