Kinetic Theory of Gases IIT JEE Physics, AIEEE Thermal Physics preparation, online classes

Use the IIT preparation material, video solutions, theory lectures etc. from Students preparing for IIT JEE 2012, JEE 2013 and beyond can make use of this IIT course material. Free IIT video lectures for download are also available at and This particular lecture discusses Kinetic Theory of gases from Thermal Physics syllabus. This unit is also relevant for IIT JEE Chemistry preparation. This JEE preparation video discusses Molar heat capacity at constant volume, molar heat capacity at constant pressure, change in internal energy, ideal gas equation, internal energy of gas etc. Thermodynamics IIT JEE topic is also important for preparation. Use good IIT books like H C Verma, NCERT etc to understand the concepts of topics. Make use of Arihant test series and other IIT JEE test series and AIEEE test series for preparation. Take JEE mock tests from time to time."

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