Thermodynamics IIT JEE Physics 1991 Solution, AIEEE Physics Online Classes, Physics Lectures provides IIT-JEE video lectures, IIT JEE free video classes and free online coaching for students of class XI, XII and droppers who are aspiring for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, NEET, AIPMT, AIIMS, WBJEE, MHTCET, MP PET and other such entrance exams. This video tutorial solves Thermodynamics problem from IIT-JEE 1991 physics paper. Three moles of and ideal gas at pressure Pa and temperature Ta is isothermally expanded to twice its initial volume. It is then compressed at constant pressure to its original volume. Finally gas is compressed at constant volume to its original pressure Pa. In this problem you have to sketch P-V and P-T diagram for the complete process and calculate the net work done by the gas and net heat supplied to the gas. To solve this problem you must have sound understanding of Thermodynamics concepts, principles and theory.

For more free lectures visit and IITJEE aspirants must begin preparation well in advance and do regular self-study, focus on building concepts, do lot of exercises and practice problem solving from sample papers. Students doing self-study with video lectures and study material can also beat the best students going to best IIT coaching institutes in Kota. Exponent's video tutorials, aieee online classes, video coaching and Physics lectures can help you build your fundamental concepts and can complement your coaching and IIT JEE books and study material used for preparation."

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