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Find HC Verma solutions here. Students can mail their IIT JEE Physics problems from this book to, and the video solutions will be provided. provides foundation courses, online video classes and video solutions for IIT JEE preparation and other engineering entrance tests like AIEEE, NEET, MHTCET, WBJEE, CEE, MP PET. More IIT JEE Physics solutions are available for class 11th and 12th students and droppers aspiring for IIT-JEE, and other entrance exams including AIPMT. CBSE and NCERT solutions are available as well. This video lecture discusses a HC Verma solution from the topic Heat Transfer of Thermal Physics for IIT JEE Physics preparation. It discusses temperature gradient, change in temperature with respect to distance along a metal rod, rate of temperature increase, heat supply, heat capacity, specific heat, heat current, conductivity etc. For IIT preparation it is necessary that you put in your best effort by using good IIT preparation books like NCERT, H.C.Verma, etc, and practice sufficient JEE mock tests, model test papers, question banks, IIT papers, AIEEE papers, previous years papers for IIT JEE etc.
IIT-JEE Physics online solutions, video coaching lectures, video classes and foundation courses similar to this one are also available for class X, XI, XII and engineering entrance exam preparation at and For success in IIT entrance, AIEEE and other entrance exams a careful planning and focused approach is needed. Conceptual knowledge is an absolute necessity. Use good IIT JEE study material and finish the whole IIT JEE syllabus. Don't go for selective studies. It is possible to get good IIT results without taking coaching classes if you have dedication. With good IIT books and AIEEE books, video lectures etc. and enough effort, you can definitely get ahead of students enrolled in the best IIT coaching institutes in kota. Refer to IIT video lectures, online preparation material and video solutions for IIT entrance and other entrance exams."

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