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This IIT preparation lecture discusses a Current Electricity question that appeared in IIT JEE 2009 paper. Electricity and Magnetism is one of the two most important units f the entire Physics syllabus, not just in competitive exams like medical entrances and engineering entrances, but board exams as well. Flow of current is one very interesting and important topic, from the perceptive of engineering entrance exams, medical entrance exams, and CBSE class 12 Physics syllabus. The concepts involved in this IIT JEE question are potential difference, resistance, dissipation of power etc. This JEE and CBSE class 12 Physics lecture has been provided by . IIT JEE 2012 and AIEEE 2012 are the last engineering entrance exams hosted separately. From 2013, a common entrance exam called JEE (initially called ISEET) would enter the picture which would give combined weightage to board exam scores and performance in a PCM advanced level test and an aptitude test. For the preparation of this entrance test it is important to score well in class 12 board exams.
Use NCERT books strictly for the preparation of Physics and Chemistry. For Physics, start with NCERT and then later you can move on to more advanced level IIT JEE books; H C Verma is one very important book; other books like Irodov, Resnick and Halliday etc. can be used at very advanced stages. As you would have seen that this time in IIT JEE 2012, the entire paper 1 was full of questions that were NCERT type. Make sure that you pay attention to your class curriculum right from class 11th, so that your fundamental concepts are strong. CBSE curriculum uses NCERT books; students from other boards can refer to their course books or NCERT books only. Practice a lot of questions to strengthen your problem solving skills using model test papers, CBSE question banks, CBSE sample papers, CBSE papers of previous years, IIT JEE practice papers etc. IIT JEE question banks, CBSE solved question papers, IIT JEE question papers of previous years etc. would give you a good idea of what kind of questions to expect in the exam. You can take help of online lectures and online portals as well to study. There are various online CBSE and IIT JEE portals that can help you manage exam-related stress and keep calm, in addition to helping you prepare. Your CBSE results or ISC results are more important than ever now, therefore avoid spending unnecessarily on expensive IIT JEE coaching institutes and fancy residential IIT coaching centres like the ones in Kota, and rather pay attention to your school curriculum. You can use online coaching sites or IIT JEE video coaching tools instead to save time and energy, and to be well-prepared for your class XI and class XII papers as well as the common entrance test, i.e. JEE or ISEET."

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