Electricity and Magnetism IIT JEE Physics preparation, AIEEE video lectures

This Electricity and Magnetism IIT JEE preparation lecture has been provided by http://www.exponenteducation.com. Potential difference, induced emf, Fleming's right hand rule etc. are discussed in this NCERT solution. Students preparing for engineering entrance tests like IIT JEE, AIEEE, and other entrances can make use of this IIT JEE study material. Students appearing for medical entrance exams can also use the Physics, Chemistry lectures. Always have a slow and steady preparation schedule. Start early using good IIT preparation books, IIT study material and IIT JEE test series, and AIEEE test series. Be careful in choosing IIT books and AIEEE books. For IIT JEE Physics preparation, H C Verma and NCERT books are considered good for concepts. Use IIT JEE video solutions as well. More Physics theory lectures, video solutions etc. available at http://www.youtube.com/user/exponenteducation and http://www.crackiitjee.com/video-lectures/. Find solutions of IIT JEE papers, AIEEE papers here"

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