Capacitors IIT JEE Physics Solution 1991, AIEEE Physics Lectures, sample test papers provides IIT JEE study material, JEE video lectures, solved IIT JEE 2011 papers, foundation courses for aspirants of IIT JEE, AIEEE, NEET, MP PET, AIPMT and other entrance exams. This IIT JEE Physics lecture deals with Electrostatics topic Capacitors. The topics discussed are plate area of a capacitor, plate separation, dielectric constant, charge magnitude, electric field, work done on the system, capacitance etc. Find IIT JEE solved papers, IIT JEE questions and solutions, video lectures, and online study material at and These lectures will strengthen your understanding of IIT JEE concepts and would allow you to solve problems of IIT JEE Physics, IIT JEE Chemistry and IIT JEE Maths in practice test papers, IIT JEE test series, AIEEE test series, sample test papers, model test papers and finally in the IIT JEE question papers. IIT preparation needs great practice."

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