Probability, Set Theory: IIT JEE Theory Lecture, Online AIEEE Coaching, JEE Study Material provides IIT-JEE video lectures, IIT JEE study material and free NCERT, CBSE solutions for students of class X, XI, XII and droppers who are aspiring for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, NEET, MP PET, CEE, MHTCET and other such engineering entrance exams. This video tutorial explains the various theory concepts in probability using Venn Diagrams. The lecture explains the concept of mutually exclusive events, mutually exclusive and exhaustive events using set theory. Set theory is relatively easy topic from IIT JEE 2012 Maths syllabus. IIT-JEE Maths online foundation course and video lectures similar to this one are also available for class X, XI, XII, MP PET, NEET and other medical and engineering entrance exam preparation at and To be successful in JEE 2012, NEET 2012, AIEEE 2012 and other engineering entrance tests you need to focused and disciplined with your preparation. Focus your study on building concepts, begin your preparation well in advance and do regular self-study, do lot of exercises, solve previous years question papers and test series. Be assured that students doing self-study can also beat the best students going to any IIT coaching in Kota or other place. Some of The video tutorial clips from Exponent may also have solutions from ML Khanna, TMH, Arihant books and other best IIT JEE Maths books used for preparation.

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