Area under curve tracing IIT JEE solutions, JEE Maths

This free IIT JEE video lecture discusses a problem from IIT JEE 2009 papers. The topic under consideration is Area under curve from the Integral Calculus part of JEE Maths syllabus. This IIT study material has been provided by It is a very good problem and can be used for preparation of CBSE Maths syllabus, and entrance exams. This topic is considered important because area under curve is needed in problems of Physics and Physical Chemistry as well. More such questions are available at , and You can connect with them on as well. As you know that IIT JEE 2012 and AIEEE 2012 would be the last set of engineering entrance exams hosted separately, as 2013 onwards a common entrance test called JEE/ISEET would replace the separate entrances. For the preparation of this entrance test it is important to score well in class 12 board exams, as board exam scores would have 40% weightage in the total score. An aptitude test would be there in addition to an advanced IIT JEE type exam, where Maths, Physics and Chemistry concepts would be tested.
It is important to prepare well the CBSE 12th syllabus, ISC 12th syllabus and class 12 board exams for other boards. Use NCERT books, and make sure that you pay attention to your class curriculum right from class 11th. CBSE curriculum normally uses the NCERT books; students from other boards can refer to their course books or NCERT books only. Use advanced level IIT preparation books like TMH Maths etc. only when you are thorough with the basics. Practice a great deal of model test papers and test papers. Use IIT JEE question banks, CBSE question banks, CBSE solved question papers, IIT JEE question papers of previous years etc. to hone your problem-solving skills. Remember to prepare well from the beginning, and keep stress at bay. There are various online portals and IIT JEE and CBSE helpline that can help you manage exam-related stress and keep calm. Your CBSE results or ISC results are more important than ever now, therefore avoid spending unnecessarily on expensive IIT JEE coaching institutes, and rather pay attention to your school curriculum. You can use online coaching sites or IIT JEE video coaching tools instead to save time and energy, and to be well-prepared for your class XI and class XII papers as well as the common entrance test, i.e. JEE or ISEET.

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