NCERT Solution Atomic Structure, Foundation Course for IIT JEE, Crack IIT JEE, Test Series provides best online IIT JEE Coaching, Free NCERT solutions, IIT-JEE video lectures and tutorials for IITJEE exam preparation. This video lecture solves a problem from NCERT exercise from Atomic Structure chapter. Hundreds of video solutions from past years IIT papers and NCERT Solutions are also posted by Exponent Education for FREE on and on These solutions will help students revise syllabus quickly and crack IIT JEE with confidence. Exponent's tutorials will help students prepare for IIT at home, revise the course anytime and any number of times. You can do better than students going to best IIT coaching in Kota. Students studying in class 9th and 10th can start preparing for IIT JEE early by referring to Exponent's best IIT-JEE foundation course. CBSE board exams for class XI and XII will be easy to pass with the help of Exponent's video tutorials."

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