Inorganic chemistry IIT JEE 2010 solution, CBSE class 11, CBSE class 12 preparation

These IIT JEE chemistry problems are simple and less time time consuming ones. This Chemistry video tutorial discusses a number of IIT JEE 2010 solutions. The questions in consideration are from the unit Inorganic Chemistry. The first problem involves practical concepts such as titration and titre values. These concepts are required in your class 12 practical exams as well, therefore such questions are easy to solve and can help you save some time in exams. Such easy questions require presence of mind and understanding of simple concepts like significant figures. The second and third questions involve the concept of oxidation states. This JEE and CBSE class 12 Chemistry lecture has been provided by More such questions are available at , and You can connect with Exponent Education on as well. IIT JEE 2012 was supposed to be the last JEE in its present form. A common entrance test replacing the different engineering entrance exams was to enter the picture from 2013, however IIT faculty federation and IIT senates have disproved this. Therefore students can continue to study according to the present JEE pattern. JEE preparation books like Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D Lee and other IIT level books must not be used by students who have just begun their preparations. One must concentrate on NCERT books first, and course books prescribed by their respective boards, be it ISE, CBSE or any state board. The best reference books for IIT JEE preparation must be used only when one knows the basic concepts well.
As you would have seen that this time in IIT JEE 2012, the entire paper 1 was full of questions that were NCERT type. Make sure that you pay attention to your class curriculum right from class 11th, so that your fundamental concepts are strong. You can see in this video preparation lecture as well that questions as easy as this also appear in JEE, and they can give you an advantage of time over others if you have the presence of mind. Use model test papers, CBSE question banks, CBSE sample papers, CBSE papers of previous years, IIT JEE practice papers etc. IIT JEE question banks, CBSE solved question papers, IIT JEE question papers of previous years, AIEEE practice papers etc. to get a good idea of what kind of questions to expect in the exam. You can take help of online lectures and online portals as well to study. Instead of wasting time and money on various IIT JEE coaching classes, realize the fact that it is not the JEE coaching institute that would help you get a rank in IIT JEE, but your own hard-work.
Now that IIT JEE results of 2012 are out, students who just finished their class 10 exams must start preparing for the engineering entrances. There is still a bit of confusion about ISEET or common entrance test, however IIT senates have rejected the idea of any change in JEE 2013. The students of class 11 and class 12 therefore must keep focus and continue their preparation for JEE. Remember that your CBSE 11 results and CBSE 12 results are also important as being thorough with your classroom curriculum would keep your brain cells working.
IIT JEE Chemistry test papers and sample papers of Chemistry for class XI and class XII would help you a great deal. You can get more such IIT logical questions as well in model test papers.


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