IIT JEE: 5 questions: How to prepare for IIT JEE 2012 and beyond?

In a short set of 5 questions and answers, a leading JEE coach from New Delhi (and an IITian himself) shares his views on the changing format of IIT JEE, how would IIT JEE look like in 2011-12 and beyond, and how to prepare for it? When should one start preparing (is it just after 10th or 11th?), what role can parents play? How do you select the right coaching institute for IIT JEE? What role can 'group' learning play?

Praveen Tyagi is a Director at Quest Tutorials (http://www.questtutorials.com), a leading New Delhi based IIT JEE coaching institute. He's widely quoted as a leading expert on the subject by national newspapers and national television (TV18, DD etc.)"

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