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Students generally get confused because of the huge number of book available in the market for iit jee aieee exams. With the new JEE pattern being implemented from 2013, the confusion might increase greatly. This video discusses about the best IIT JEE study material for Chemistry preparation. For Inorganic Chemistry, J.D Lee is a very good book, but is quite different from the format of IIT JEE syllabus. For Organic Chemistry, Morrison and Boyd is an amazing book for understanding reaction mechanism. However even it is quite out of JEE syllabus. For preparation of JEE Physical Chemistry, one good JEE preparation book cannot be singled out. For Maths M L Khanna and TMH are best. This IIT JEE study material is enough for concepts. For problem solving, Arihant is pretty good. In addition to JEE books you can use IIT online coaching lectures by Exponent Education also. Find them at, and"

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