Friction IIT JEE Physics preparation, AIEEE Physics

This Mechanics IIT JEE theory lecture has been provided by Direction of force of friction which is an important part of Newton's laws of motion IIT JEE concepts has been discussed in this IIT video preparation material. It has been explained using many examples that the force of friction opposes the relative motion between surfaces. The most important example for the concept is that of bicycle, that explains the reason for skidding as well on a frictionless surface. Friction in case of rolling has been explained as well. Students preparing for engineering entrance tests like IIT JEE, AIEEE, and other entrances can make use of this IIT JEE study material. Students appearing for medical entrance exams can also use the Physics and Chemistry video classes provided here. Always have a slow and steady preparation schedule. Start early using good IIT preparation books, IIT study material, IIT JEE test series, and AIEEE test series. Be careful in choosing IIT books and AIEEE books. For IIT JEE Physics preparation, H C Verma and NCERT books are considered good for concepts. Use IIT JEE video solutions as well. More Physics theory lectures, video solutions etc. available at and Solutions of IIT JEE question papers of previous years are available. Make sure that you don't miss any topic of the IIT JEE syllabus. This would give you a competitive advantage over others, and would help you perform better in IIT JEE results. Manage time properly to be able to finish the whole syllabus and revise the concepts thoroughly as well. Always remember that your success in the exams would depend not on the IIT JEE coaching institutes you attended, rather on the hard work you put into your IIT JEE preparation."

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