Electrostatics IIT JEE Physics formula derivation, AIEEE Physics

This IIT JEE Physics lecture has been provided by http://www.exponenteducation.com, and has been taken from the Electrostatics for IIT JEE preparation. The topics discussed are electric foeld due to a plane sheet of charge, surface charge density, electric flux etc. Students preparing for engineering entrance tests like IIT JEE, AIEEE, MP PET etc. and medical entrance exams like AIPMT can make use of this video IIT JEE study material. Now that IIT JEE 2012, AIEEE 2012 and other other exams are right around the corner, students must be in the revision phase of preparation. However, students who have just started preparing for IIT JEE 2013 and IIT JEE 2014 must make a proper study schedule. You should be aware of the IIT JEE syllabus and the latest IIT JEE pattern to move forward in the right direction. Get your hands on a few good IIT preparation books for preparation. For starters, NCERT books or their basic course books are the best. Most students join coaching institutes for IIT JEE preparation, which is in fact unnecessary. Students can crack IIT JEE or get good AIEEE results without joining fancy coaching centres. Self studies using IIT JEE online classes, video preparation material, good IIT books, AIEEE books and other IIT study material is enough. After getting a hold on the theory, make sure to practice enough problems using IIT JEE sample papers, AIEEE sample papers, IIT JEE test series, AIEEE test series, previous years papers etc. Practice using IIT JEE question papers and AIEEE papers of previous years would make you familiar with the exam pattern. Many IIT JEE solutions and AIEEE solutions along with other IIT JEE coaching lectures are available at http://www.youtube.com/user/exponenteducation and http://www.crackiitjee.com/video-lectures/. Students must build their conceptual basics at an early stage. IIT preparation books like H C Verma, NCERT books etc. can be used for this purpose. In addition, use good IIT JEE question banks to practice problems."

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