Current Electricity IIT JEE Physics solution 2006, AIEEE Physics solved questions provides tips to prepare for IIT JEE, guidance, IIT foundation courses, IIT JEE video lectures, video JEE solutions for students of 11, 12 and droppers. This IIT JEE Physics lecture discusses a Current Electricity question. The topics of discussion are heating effect of current, electric field, potential difference, current, resistance, resistivity, current density etc. Preparation material for CBSE XI and CBSE XII syllabus is also available. Solutions from NCERT books and other preparation books like H C Verma Concepts of Physics are available. Students aspiring for other entrance exams like AIEEE 2012, NEET 2012, MP PET, AIPMT etc. can also make use of this IIT preparation material. It is possible to get good IIT JEE results and AIEEE ranks by doing self-studies using good IIT books, AIEEE books and this IIT JEE material. More IIT JEE videos are available at and"

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