Circular motion in vertical plane IIT JEE Physics, AIEEE Mechanics preparation

This IIT JEE Physics conceptual lecture has been provided by It gives more such IIT JEE preparation theory lectures, IIT JEE solutions from previous years papers etc. This video class discusses circular motion in vertical plane. This is a very important topic of Mechanics. Other topics involved are looping, tension, projectile motion etc. The whole derivation is explained properly. During the course of the exam, it is important to manage time effectively, in order to crack IIT JEE or any other engineering entrance tests, or medical entrance exams. Prepare using IIT JEE question banks, practice papers for IIT JEE, and IIT JEE papers of previous years. Make sure to get your hands on the best IIT preparation books very early in your preparation. NCERT books, Arihant new pattern question banks, H C Verma Concepts of Physics etc are considered good enough for Physics, but practice a lot of unsolved questions. Make use of solved examples at the back of your text books as well. In addition to these books for IIT JEE, and AIEEE books, one can make use of IIT JEE online preparation lectures, and online discussions, in the form of forums etc. These video lectures provide not only a detailed understanding of the fundamental concepts, but also helps the student in developing their problem solving skills, by providing them IIT JEE solved examples, IIT JEE unsolved papers, AIEEE practice papers, and solved papers for other exams as well. Such lectures are available at and for preparation of XI, XII, IIT JEE, AIEEE and other entrance exams. Always remember that committed preparation using online coaching, previous years papers, sample test papers and online test series can help one get ahead of students attending even the best IIT coaching in Kota. Dedication, good preparation books and enough practice using JEE solutions can help you crack IIT JEE easily."

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