Isolation of Sulphur

Isolation of Sulphur

Sulphur can be isolated from Frasch Process

Isolation of Sulphur

Sulphur can be isolated from

  1. Frasch Process
  2. As by product from
    1. Alkali waste of Le Blanc's process

    2. Spent oxides of gas works

    3. Iron pyrites

  1. Frasch Process:

    1. Three concentric pipes are sunk deep into under ground.

    2. Super heated water at around 170C forced into pipe where sulphur is melted.

    3. Compressed air from inner pipe allows sulphur as liquid to come on the surface which further solidified as 99% pure sulphur.

  2. As By product from:

    1. Alkali waste 

      CaS + H2O + CO2  CaCO3 + H2S

      2H2S + O 2H2O + S

    2. Spent oxides of Coal gas

      2Fe2S3 + 3O2 2Fe2O3 + 6S
    3. Iron pyrites

      3FeS2  Fe3S4 + 2S

      3FeS2 + 5O2  FeO4 + 3SO+ 3S

      FeS + CO2  FeO + CO + S

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